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The University of Sydney has 17 colleges with more than 100 departments. The University of Sydney is a leader in sports, social activities, debate, drama, music, etc. All faculty and staff are well prepared for academic research not only through classroom teaching but also organizing a rich student life. The University of Sydney is committed to consolidating research-based teaching models and providing international students with a higher quality professional and curriculum plan and teaching experience.

The University of Sydney offers the widest and largest number of courses in Australia for students to study and offer the most masters and doctoral research programs in Australia. There are currently 42,420 registered students. Among them, there are 3,139 master’s degree students, 781 research-based master’s degree students, and 2,625 students studying for a doctoral degree. The number of students studying at the University of Sydney is 6,138, of which 3,872 are undergraduate and 2,266 are graduate students. Among them, Chinese students are 1,061, Hong Kong students. There are 626 people and Taiwanese students are 126. The ratio of Chinese to students is roughly 1:23.

The University of Sydney has an average teacher-student ratio of 15:1, which is the best university in NSW with a teacher-student ratio (the average is 18:1 across Australia). Among the 19 colleges, the worst teacher-student ratio is A1.6, which is 31.6, followed by business school, 27.7. The ratio of teachers and students at the University of Sydney is 7.5, followed by the School of Medicine and the School of Dentistry, 10 and 10.4 respectively.

The University of Sydney has 200 student associations and 70 student sports associations, the highest in Australia; the University of Sydney is the first choice for the most college entrance examination students; it is the largest number of students in the NSW province who have scored more than 90 college entrance examinations. The number of students recruited is the highest in NSW.
The University of Sydney has the largest collection of books in the Southern Hemisphere. The school has a total of 21 libraries, the main book.

The museum is a fisherman’s library.
The University of Sydney has been the number one player in Australia’s national research funding competition. It has set a record for the fifth consecutive year in Australia for the fifth consecutive year. The chart below shows the results of the latest Australian National Research Fund.

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