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The Accredited Tax Advisor (ATA) is a leading national credential for practitioners who handle sophisticated tax planning issues, including planning for owners of closely-held businesses, planning for the highly compensated, choosing qualified retirement plans and performing estate tax planning. Their expertise covers tax returns for individuals, business entities, fiduciaries, trusts and estates, as well as tax planning, tax consulting and ethics.

The National Society of Public Accountants (NSPA), later shortened to National Society of Accountants (NSA), is a professional association for tax and accounting professionals; NSA and its state affiliates represent more than 30,000 independent practitioners who provide accounting, tax, auditing, financial and estate planning, and management services to 19 million individuals and businesses. NSA’s mission is to provide national leadership in the profession of accountancy and taxation through the advocacy of practice rights, and by the establishment and promotion of high standards in ethics, education, and professional excellence.

NSA was incorporated as a nonprofit corporation National Society of Public Accountants (NSPA) in 1945 to promote professionalism and in order that its members had the right to represent their clients before the US Treasury Department. Its first headquarters was in Oklahoma City followed by a move to St. Louis in 1947 and then, in 1955, to Washington, D.C. The name was changed to the National Society of Accountants in 1995, although the organization still retains the National Society of Public Accountants as its official name.

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