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Victoria University’s professional programs include: Geography, Geography and Marine Sciences, Environmental Science, Business, Electronics, Electrical Technology, Environmental Management, Health Sciences, Food Technology, Social Sciences, Australian Cultural Studies, Asia Pacific Cultural Studies, Mass Communication, Informatics, Banking and finance, business management, hotel management, economics, international trade, marketing management, architecture, civil engineering, computer technology, engineering and business, education, nursing, sports, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, mathematics, physics, etc.
The school has established many research centers to encourage and strengthen its research activities. The school’s research center is mainly to strengthen the relationship with the country and the outside, the college’s academic center is mainly for professional research and training. Each campus has a modern computer room with a variety of service software, such as Microsoft Windows and Windows-based desktop operating software. The Student Services Center offers a range of services including personal problem counseling, accommodation information, kindergartens, financial counseling, support for overseas students and employment information collection. The indoor playground can play volleyball, tennis, and basketball, as well as a health center and many other facilities. Each campus offers students the opportunity to join numerous clubs and societies. The International Student Association is the main organization and is the main representative of overseas students in the school.

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