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Faculty setting at the University of Leeds

  1. Business school: accounting and finance, economics, international trade, management, marketing, work, and employment relationships. The Leeds University Business School was successfully developed in the 1990s and its popularity has increased significantly. It has become one of the UK’s top business schools. The institute has strong scientific research strength and rich teaching experience and has opened a variety of business courses such as accounting, finance, and management. The University of Leeds Business School attracts students from different countries to study here with its unique school-running charm. It is an international college. The University of Leeds Business School is known for its high level of research quality. According to the latest business education review published by the world-renowned FinancialTimes in January 2001, the University of Leeds Business School is ranked among the Top 100 top university business schools in the world and is ranked 5th in the Top 10 University Business School Research Review in Europe. The University of Leeds ranks first in the UK in accounting and finance and international business and is ranked in the top ten in the UK for many years. The management major ranks are eighth in the UK and thirty-six in the world.
  2. School of Performing Arts, Visual Arts and Media: Design, Fine Arts, Art History and Culture, Performance, Media Studies, etc. The media major of the University of Leeds School of Communication and Media ranks 3rd in the 2015 and 2016 full university guides. The TIMES UK University Media Rankings ranked 5th in 2017, and the 2016 QS World University Media and Media Subject ranked Top 46, which is true. The world’s top disciplines. In 2018, the Guardian newspaper ranked Top 10 in the media and film industry. A survey of social media site LinkedIn shows that studying at Leeds University is the best academic way to become a “media person.”
  3. College of Biological Sciences: Systems Biology, Molecular Cell Biology, General and Comparative Biology, Biological Sciences, Antimicrobial Research, Earth and Biosphere Research;
  4. School of Education, Social Sciences and Law: Child Education, Language Education, Educational Psychology, Social Policy, Law, Sociology, Politics, and International Studies;
  5. College of Engineering: civil engineering, computer engineering, electronic power engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, material engineering, etc.;
  6. School of the Environment: Earth and Environment, Geography, Earth Sciences, Environmental Geography, Environment and Commerce, Environment and Transportation, Meteorology, etc.;
  7. School of Mathematics and Physical Sciences: Chemistry, Food Science, Applied Mathematics, Research Mathematics, Statistics, Physics, and Astronomy;
  8. School of Medical Hygiene: Children’s Mental Health, Dental Surgery, Oral Biology, Dentistry, Cardiovascular and Diabetes Research, Epidemiology and Biological Sciences, Medical Physics, Health Care, Health and Social Services, Medical Education, Oncology, Ophthalmology, pathology, etc.;
  9. College of Literature: English, History, Classical Literature, Theology and Religious Studies, Colonial Studies, Human Studies, Middle Ages Studies, Arab and Middle Eastern Studies, French, East Asian Studies, German, Italian, Linguistics and Phonetics, Spanish and Latin American studies, world film art, etc.
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