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The University of bath has a wide range of high-quality research facilities and will continue to invest in support of cutting-edge scientific research. The library contains 300,000 monographs, 105,000 bound magazines, more than 13,000 electronic books, 11,000 periodicals, and scientific research databases. With more than 800 self-study seats, 450 public computers and 45 laptop seats, the library is the first 24-hour university library in the UK. Indoor wireless coverage. The networking lounge also offers more public computers.
The University of bath is particularly proud of its excellent sports facilities and traditions. In 1976 it was the first university to offer a sports scholarship scheme to overseas athletes in the UK. Since then, the school has been a pioneer in providing continuous and comprehensive sports facilities.
In addition to the university’s 50 student sports clubs and staff, the university’s sports facilities are regularly accessible to more than 200,000 residents. Sports training village has 25 meters and 50 meters (Olympic standard) swimming pool, outdoor track and field playground, indoor and outdoor tennis court, artificial and lawn playground (for football, rugby, cricket, lackey and American football), advanced equipment gym and rifle shooting range.
Bath sent 28 athletes to the Sydney Olympics. The school is spending £20 million on further improvements to its sports facilities.
The University of bath operates a range of restaurants selling hot and cold meals and snacks. The Pit Stop sells thick bread and sandwiches freshly made to order during The day and fast food such as beef patties and French fries at night. The Melting Pot has 100 seats and offers ready-made breakfasts, light lunches, sweets, drinks, and snacks. Every day there are special home-cooked dishes with different tastes, and there are always vegetarian dishes. Other dining options include Oriental Express (Oriental curry and stir-fried dishes served with rice and other side dishes);Pizza Gusta (sells a variety of freshly baked pizzas and cooked pasta to eat or take out);Traditions (a range of authentic British dishes, soups and traditional hot desserts, followed by beef patties and omelets that are cooked to customers’ taste);Market Place (all fresh salads, meat, fish and vegetarian);Express Zone (hot and cold drinks, sweets and hours d ‘oeuvres) and Strollers (hot French baguette and hot drinks). The sports cafe offers snacks and lunch including children’s meals, vegetarian meals, and a bar with a liquor license.

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