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The University of Westminster Law School combines legal research with social needs and offers a wide range of courses in business. finance, international relations, human rights, conflict mediation, European law research, and entertainment law. Between 1910 and 1912, the construction of No. 309 Regent Street reflected the growing demand of the college, which has more than 15,000 students. The pioneering work in emerging professional and commercial fields and the general interests are the hallmarks of the college. In 1903, Hogg died, Sir Kiryton Studd was successfully elected as chairman. From his election until his death in 1944, he has been working hard and has done a lot for inheritance during his work.The Royal Polytechnic Institution was built by William Mountford Nurse in 1837 and opened at 309 Regent Street on 6 August 1838 to provide (in the words of its prospectus of 1837) “an institution where the Public, at little expense, may acquire practical knowledge of the various arts and branches of science connected with manufacturers, mining operations and rural economy.” Buy University Of Westminster Diplomas

Sir George Cayley (1773–1857), the “father of aeronautical engineering”,was the first chairman and the Polytechnic formally received a Royal charter in August 1839. The Polytechnic housed a large exhibition hall, lecture theatre and laboratories, and public attractions included working machines and models, scientific lectures and demonstrations, rides in a diving bell and, from 1839, demonstrations of photography. Prince Albert visited the institution in 1840, when he descended in the diving bell, and became a patron in 1841. The first public photographic portrait studio in Europe opened on the roof of the Polytechnic in March 1841. In 1847, John Henry Pepper joined the Polytechnic and oversaw the introduction of evening lectures in engineering, applied science and technical subjects for young working Londoners. Pepper wrote several important science education books, one of which is regarded as a significant step towards the understanding of continental drift. The entrance to the university’s headquarters at 309 Regent Street In 1848, a theater was added to the building, purpose-built to accommodate the growing audiences for the Polytechnic’s optical shows. These combined magic lantern images with live performances, music, ghosts and specters, spreading the fame of what was arguably the world’s first permanent projection theatre. Buy University Of Westminster Diplomas

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