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The original purpose of the University of Sussex was to promote the development of Brighton. In December 1911, a public meeting on how to fund the establishment of a university was held at the Royal Exhibition Hall in Brighton, but this plan was forced to stop due to the outbreak of the First World War, and the funds raised by the project were used. In the procurement of textbooks of the municipal college. Fortunately, in the 1950s, the plan was reintroduced. In 1958, the government approved the establishment of the Autonomous Commission in Brighton, which gave birth to the first “flat glass university” (established in the 1960s). British universities are known as “flat glass universities” because of their architectural style. In 1959, the University of Sussex was built as a company model, and it was not until the Royal Concession on August 16, 1961, that it gradually developed into a higher education institution. After being admitted to the university, Sussex was quickly known for his post-war social analysis, innovative teaching and research methods, and his radicalism and liberalism.

The core of the early success of Sussex was attributed to the appointment of a highly qualified founder. For example, historian and international relations scholar Martin Wight was appointed as Dean of the European Studies Institute from the London School of Economics and Political Science; Roger Blin-Stoyle, a physicist recruited from Oxford University, led the development of science and became the first in mathematics and physics. He was also the dean; in 1965, biological evolution theorist and geneticist John Maynard Smith was recruited as the first dean of the College of Biological Sciences and so on. These founders are at the heart of Sussex’s long-term development and are a shining light in leading technology. After that, Sussex University successively gave birth to three Nobel Prize winners. In 1975, Professor John Comfort won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, the first Nobel Prize to be born from the University of Sussex. In 1996, Professor Harry Kroto received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Then, in 2003, Professor Anthony Leggett received the Nobel Prize in Physics. As the university becomes more prestigious, Sussex attracts more and more outstanding researchers, grants and rewards.

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