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The University of Sunderland consists of five major colleges: the School of Art, Design, and Communication, the School of Business, the School of Computer, Engineering, and Technology, the School of Education and Continuing Education, and the School of Health, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Sunderland’s specialty programs include human resource management, art, design, photography, computing, education, law, media, economics, management, marketing, literature, and language. Professional setting
The main specialties of Sunderland University are art, design, photography, computer, education, law, media, economy,

Management, marketing, literature, and language. Courses Undergraduate majors include: Art and Design, Journalism, Media Studies, Tourism Management, Public Relations, Accounting and Business, Business Administration, Law, International Business, Computer Network, Mass Media, Business, Engineering and Advanced Technology, Computer and Information systems, education, environmental science and health, life and medicine.
Postgraduate majors include: Media Production, Art Design, Tourism, Electronic Media and Design, International Management, Business, MBA, MPA, E-Commerce, Project Management, Hygiene, Environmental Science, Biological Sciences, Software Engineering, General Systems, Sociology European and international research, engineering and advanced technology, computer and information systems, education, environmental science and health, life and medicine. Sunderland has been an important centre for education since 674 AD, when Benedict Biscop built St Peter’s Church and monastery. St Peter’s Church was the site of the greatest scriptorium north of the Alps. The oldest existing Latin version of the Bible – the Codex Amiatinus – was written at St Peter’s Church. This area has been developed as the Sir Tom Cowie Campus at St Peter’s of the University of Sunderland. The University’s £9m state-of-the-art Media Centre, launched in 2004, is near St Peter’s Church.

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