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The University of Essex, founded in 1964, is a world-class research university based in Colchester, England. It has strong humanities and social sciences and is the first government in the UK. The Faculty of Science and the largest economic and social research institute in the UK are renowned in Europe and the world for their research in political science, economics, sociology, law and artificial intelligence robots. One of the members of the famous 1994 University Group. Buy a degree certificate online.

The school has modern accommodations for students, of which 88% are on campus. As long as international students apply before the deadline, they will be guaranteed to have a dormitory in the school during their study. Students come from more than 120 countries around the world. The main campus of the school is actually a university town, so there are teaching buildings, student residences, shops, banks, an art gallery, lakeside theatres, bars, cafes and sports facilities. The campus is built on more than 200 acres of Wivenhoe Green, mostly built in the 18th century, and the environment is safe and beautiful. The main campus is just two miles from the oldest recorded town in the UK, which is also the first capital of the UK. It takes less than an hour by train from Kutch to central London. From here to London Stansted Airport and the ferry port of Harwich, the traffic is exceptionally convenient. The “Acting School E15” performing school in Loughton is not on the main campus and is closer to London. The college has built a new urban campus in Southend.

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