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The University of Edinburgh has a very important leadership position in the Enlightenment era in Europe, making Edinburgh City one of the enlightenment centers of the time and enjoying the reputation of “Northern Athens”. The University of Edinburgh cherishes the glory of the past, continues to pursue and innovate, and is known worldwide for its outstanding and diverse teaching and research. The University of Edinburgh is divided into two parts: Old College and New College, of which the old college is home to law schools and European institutes. Nearby is the McEwan Hall, a symbol of Victoria’s agricultural harvest, with 2,200 seats dedicated to the graduation ceremony and some large formal conferences. Founded by the Edinburgh Town Council, the university began life as a college of law using part of a legacy left by a graduate of the University of St AndrewsBishop Robert Reid of St Magnus CathedralOrkney.[17] Through efforts by the Town Council and Ministers of the City the institution broadened in scope and became formally established as a college by a Royal Charter, granted by King James VI of Scotland on 14 April 1582 after the petitioning of the Council. This was unprecedented in newly Presbyterian Scotland, as older universities in Scotland had been established through Papal bulls. Established as the “Tounis College”, it opened its doors to students in October 1583.[1] Instruction began under the charge of another St Andrews graduate Robert Rollock. It was the fourth Scottish university in a period when the richer and much more populous England had only two. It was renamed King James’s College in 1617. By the 18th century, the university was a leading centre of the Scottish Enlightenment

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