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Microsoft as the leader in the market of windows computers allows a lot of tools for general public and for the office work, the best example of this is MCSA Office 365. But when it comes to more professional way Microsoft offers certain certifications to take you career to the climax allowing you to feel different, well above in the field of information and knowledge from your colleagues.


MCSA is associate level of Microsoft Certification and MCSE is Expert level, you will become MCSA eventually before becoming a MCSE Certified.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate is basically the certification just like any other professional certification that allows you to be the master in the field. MCSA exam is different from other certifications in the way that it is a platform that allows the user to get certified in many fields. Starting from Technology, Science, Data Analytics and many more.

Types of Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate:

Microsoft provides certification to the IT Professions to help them lead the market by getting the knowledge through this prestigious MCSA: Microsoft Dynamics 365 and MCSA Cloud Platform. Some other certifications are listed below:

MCSA: Windows 10:

This is the certification that proves that the person is expert in using Windows 10. When applying for this certification the user will be provided with the resources and IT based syllabus and student have to remind and then applies for the test. This certification provides a wide range of information about the fluent use of Windows 10.

MCSA: Windows Server 2016 or MCSA 2016:

MCSA Server 2016, This certification lets the candidate master himself with the skills of using Windows Server 2016 in order to add value to business operations and to reduce the IT cost being incurred on different types of IT Software. Candidate has to maintain certain aggregate in the test in order to get this certification.

MCSA: Windows Server 2012 or MCSA 2012:

MCSA 2012, Like Windows Server 2016 certifications this certification also allows you to gain enough skill in the Windows Server 2012, to take your business to the next level with the advance skills of Windows Server 2012.

Importance of MCSA in IT:

This certification allows the people who are connected to the field of Information Technology to equip the best and advance knowledge on certain software that will allow them to work more efficiently and effectively in the future. To be more accurate, these certifications are used by the companies to educate their employees who will help the organization to reach at some level. Some companies give preference to those IT professionals who have certification in MSCA over normal IT experts and some include this certification to be must in order to apply for the job. Some people also don’t know the advance use of excel these tools also provide the guide about excel.

Salary for MSCA Certified:

Usually IT experts take handsome MCSA salary from their employer. In addition to this fact, if someone has a certification of MSCA then his worth will increase considerably more than the normal IT expert, as you have the skills to use the MS tools and applications more fluently and thus helping the organization in achieving its goals. So making the work easy and more effective certified person could request the company about the increment and the probability is they won’t refuse as you are the only certified MSCA in the field.

User Friendly:

Microsoft has made several tools and software for daily use of office work and all are customer friendly and these certifications are also according to the Microsoft are customer friendly, as they will allow the user to work efficiently with these tools helping the user in building his career on such a professional platform and helps the company achieve its goals and objectives and making the business to grow at a much faster pace. So these facts make the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate a user-friendly certification.

Value for Money:

Microsoft provides these certifications as much lower rate compared to how much you will earn after these certifications thus adding value for money. A person certified in MCSA earns much more than some normal IT expert as he knows how to use the Microsoft tools more effectively and efficiently.

Hence it proves that Microsoft MCSA Certification is cost friendly as it will help you master like any other professional certification but it will cost you much less than any of those certification giving you the experience of professionalism and you will be a certified member to us Microsoft tools.


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MCSA (Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate) is a certification program intended for people who seek entry-level jobs in an IT (information technology) environment. MCSA is a prerequisite for more advanced Microsoft certifications.

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The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP Program is the certification program from Microsoft that enables IT Professionals and Developers to validate their technical expertise through rigorous, industry-proven, and industry-recognized exams. The certification exams offered cover a broad range of technologies throughout the Microsoft ecosystem of IT technologies. When an individual passes a certification exam and earns a Microsoft certification, then they are recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP). Bypassing multiple exams they have the opportunity to earn larger, more distinguished certifications; such as the MCSE and MCSD certifications.

In 2016, Microsoft expanded with the launch of its Microsoft Professional Program, a fully online certification program in partnership with edX which includes various tracks in data sciencefront-end web developmentcloud computingDevOps.This program has expanded to a total of 8 tracks in 2018 with the addition of its artificial intelligence and software development program certification in April 2018. Many of these programs are focused on equipping learners with up-to-date skill sets with various Microsoft tools, including ExcelPowerBIVisual Studio, and Azure.

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