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How to Buy CUHK Degree Online? Where to get the Chinese University of Hong Kong diploma online? The Chinese University of Hong Kong, referred to as Hong Kong University of China (CUHK), is Asia’s leading and internationally renowned public research university in China, biomedical sciences, information science, economics, and finance. Key research fields such as Earth Information and Earth Science are world-class academic centers and the only university in Hong Kong that has the Nobel Prize, the Fields Medal, and the Turing Award.

The Chinese University of Hong Kong was formed by the merger of the New Asia College, Chung Chi College and the United College in 1963; in 1966, the first research institute in Hong Kong was established; in 1976, the departments of different colleges were integrated and unified by the university; in 1986, comprehensive Review the curriculum structure, switch to the credit system and strengthen general education. In 1998, the first place in Hong Kong was admitted to undergraduate students in the Mainland; in 2014, the Chinese University of Hong Kong (Shenzhen) was established. The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is a public research university in ShatinHong Kong formally established in 1963 by a charter granted by the Legislative Council of Hong Kong. It is the territory’s second oldest university and was founded as a federation of three existing colleges – Chung Chi College, New Asia College and United College – the oldest of which was founded in 1949

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